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Disposable syringes and the related cannulas are some of the clinical tools used within the on a regular basis paintings of many docs or clinical pros. With their lend a hand, liquid medicines will also be administered to sufferers, blood samples will also be taken and they are able to be used as a clinical assist in remedy care. The syringe itself, is the cylindrical hollow space fabricated from plastic. The needle, which is threaded onto the syringe, is the cannula of a syringe. The cannula can be utilized to accomplish injections or to puncture veins.

A disposable syringe is built as follows:

✓ The cylindrical hollow space

✓ The cone / the nozzle

✓ The movable plunger

For sterile disposable syringes, plastics are most well-liked because of hygienic homes. The amount of commercially to be had syringes is between 0.5 and 20 milliliters.

There are 2 variants of commonplace disposable syringes:

✓ Two-piece disposable syringes

✓ 3-piece disposable syringes

Two-piece disposable syringes consist simplest of the cylinder and the plunger, whilst three-piece disposable syringes are moreover provided with a rubber stopper on the decrease finish of the plunger. The 2-piece disposable syringes, such because the confirmed Inkjet Luer Solo from B. Braun, are probably the most continuously encountered syringes in inpatient and outpatient paintings.

Injekt Luer Solo – All-rounder in on a regular basis medical use

Disposable syringes, such because the Injekt Luer Solo from Braun, are one of the commonplace clinical units utilized in on a regular basis medical observe, operating with sufferers and citizens each day. The applying probabilities and remedy care measures for the usage of a disposable syringe are various and feature repeatedly advanced, as have healing and diagnostic strategies.

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With disposable syringes, injections with medicinal ingredients or a puncture of the vein for blood sampling will also be performed the use of an related cannula. Liquid medicines also are drawn up from an ampoule with the help of a syringe. Within the spectrum of remedy care, syringes are used for native anesthesia, wound irrigation and for blockading balloon catheters. For this objective, the balloon is stuffed with a NaCl resolution or air by the use of the port of the catheter the use of a disposable syringe, relying at the indication. The commencement lets in the specified quantity to be exactly dosed and implemented.

The medical workday holds many demanding situations in retailer. Braun Injekt Luer Solo syringes were designed to satisfy the person wishes of sufferers and healthcare pros and, because of their reliability and straightforwardness of use, have grow to be same old apparatus in clinics, nursing properties, care and emergency products and services. Relying at the design, the 2-piece disposable syringes are provided with a centric or eccentric Luer attachment for actual dosing of fluids and medicinal ingredients to stop over- or under-dosing.

The filling amount will also be simply and very easily learn off precisely by the use of the black commencement at the clear and wipe-resistant cylinder. You want a fairly upper quantity? No drawback, the residual quantity above the nominal quantity promises that, for instance, medicines or different answers will also be implemented or injected with out a lot loss.

Injekt Luer Solo – as flexible as its duties

Versatility is not any impediment for the Injekt Luer Solo disposable syringe. Whether or not drugs utility, remedy care, wound cleansing and blockading of catheters – many actions require other volumes when opting for a disposable syringe. Injekt Luer Solo disposable syringes are to be had in 4 other sizes. For packages of very small amounts or for remedy care, the variations vary from 2ml to 20ml syringes. 

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High quality and protection, hand in hand

Because of the direct use at the affected person, B. Braun can pay consideration to hygienic and suitable product homes when settling on fabrics. Subsequently, Injekt® Luer Solo disposable syringes are latex-, silicone oil- and PVC-free and are produced consistent with EN ISO 7886-1.

EN ISO 7886-1 is the global same old for “Sterile disposable syringes for clinical use – Phase 1: Syringes for handbook use“. Compliance with the usual guarantees a qualitative and prime same old for the clinical units for use.

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