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HBOT is a treatment that has been confirmed to be nice in treating quite a lot of well being stipulations. It’s not just for bodily illnesses but in addition for psychological well being. Many research have proven HBOT’s effectiveness in treating despair and different psychological issues like anxiousness and post-traumatic rigidity dysfunction. Those research have proven that HBOT can cut back depressive episodes.

On this article, we will be able to take a look at how HBOT works and the way it is helping folks with despair.

What’s HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is a protocol that comes to treating a couple of stipulations with out the usage of any drugs by any means. The person should take a seat in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in most cases full of 100% oxygen. On the other hand, Oxyhelp’s chambers be certain your protection via providing you with 95% thorough scientific grade tubing, thus lowering any fireplace danger or burns brought about via breathing in natural Oxygen. The person remains within the chamber with 2 ATM power for 60 to 90 mins.

By way of respiring upper oxygen focus all through this era, the oxygen saturation of your blood is larger as extra Oxygen is absorbed. The oxygen-rich plasma is helping heal other accidents and wounds and forestalls many stipulations from creating. HBOT has been used for many years in numerous paperwork, however we at Oxyhelp have it a category aside. With the newest inventions, we have now designed world-class hyperbaric chambers which are ideal for houses, gyms, aesthetic clinics, and spas.

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How does it Paintings?

HBOT works via offering oxygen-rich plasma to each and every a part of the frame, even poorly perfused ones. This, in flip, promotes regeneration, the development of recent blood vessels, collagen manufacturing, new pores and skin cellular manufacturing, strengthening your immune machine, and a lot more. All this in only a few classes of 60 to 90 mins every.

Find out how to Get ready Sooner than the Protocol?

The protocol itself is lovely easy and does now not require any particular preparation. On the other hand, you’re going to be requested to take away any digital merchandise or flammable fabrics comparable to petroleum-based hair and skincare merchandise. In a similar way, the person must point out if they’ve any situation like claustrophobia or anxiousness.

What to Be expecting all through the Process?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an effective way to maintain power ache, rejuvenate your pores and skin, be ok with your self, and a lot more. Generally, it may be carried out in two chambers; monoplace chambers and multiplace chambers.

Monoplace and Multiplace Chambers:

Monoplace chambers deal with only one person at a time and are smaller than multiplace chambers. However, multiplace chambers can be utilized for oxygen treatment for a number of folks directly, both with a helper or an observer to lend a hand with treatment and emergencies. Monoplace chambers are perfect for properties and gymnasiums, whilst multiplace chambers are extra appropriate for business settings comparable to Spas or hospitals.


Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a painless therapeutic procedure subsequently no in depth aftercare is needed. On the other hand, you might really feel your ears pop all through the treatment, like in an plane. It occurs because of upper atmospheric power within the chamber than outdoor and can also be reverted to customary via swallowing or chewing. As soon as you might be performed with the treatment, your blood power, blood glucose, and oxygen saturation, and if the consequences are appropriate, you might be excellent to head house. All through this era, you might really feel somewhat dizzy, mild head or hungry, which is not anything to fret about.

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Can it Remedy Despair?

Despair is a number one psychological well being situation affecting how you are feeling, behave and act. It produces serious emotional, psychological, or even bodily pressure to your frame that may badly have an effect on your day by day existence. This is a commonplace belief that despair is one thing you’ll snap out of. On the other hand, such isn’t the case. Despair is a psychological sickness that calls for a correct protocol to be cured.

However, if you wish to win the struggle towards despair with none meds, that’s the place hyperbaric oxygen treatment is available in. Despair is related to a chemical imbalance within the mind that reasons the indications comparable to feeling unhappy, stressed, empty, responsible, irritable, lack of pastime, low power, temper swings, serious fatigue, lack of sleep, waking up drained suicidal ideas, unexplained bodily ache and a lot more. HBOT has been thought to be an efficient protocol for despair and better oxygen focus. Your blood promotes larger secretion of chemical compounds on your mind comparable to Serotonin and dopamine that play an important position towards despair. In a similar way, Oxyhelp’s chambers supply a relaxed, soothing, and quiet surroundings with a relaxed and high quality inside that wonders on your psychological well being.

Any other Stipulations:

For many years, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) has been a painless and cost-effective protocol for therapeutic many stipulations with out unwanted effects. It’s been used for

  • Bettering sports activities efficiency
  • Anti-aging
  • Selling wound therapeutic
  • Continual ache
  • COPD
  • Stroke
  • Caron monoxide poisoning
  • Fuel embolism
  • Therapeutic bone and pores and skin an infection
  • Burns
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How frequently must you’re taking HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can be utilized any place from 60 to 90 mins, while some want that your blood achieve a definite oxygen saturation degree. The collection of classes is dependent completely at the person. For CO poisoning, a unmarried consultation is sufficient; for burns or aesthetic functions, a couple of classes could be required.


Are Hyperbaric Chambers Secure for House Use?

A Hyperbaric chamber can also be bad for the house with none precautions. Lots of the hyperbaric chambers available in the market are full of upper power of 100% oxygen which is extremely flammable, or even a spark can result in a fireplace. Oxyhelp’s hyperbaric chambers are completely secure to be used at house. Our chambers are full of 2 ATMs of standard air as an alternative of Oxygen. By contrast, Oxygen is saturated outdoor the chambers in oxygen chambers designed in the US and equipped to the person thru medical-grade tubing.

They is also used any place, from houses to spas, as they’re safe and easy to put in. With the help of the reflect keep an eye on machine, which allows the person to watch and alter the software’s settings steadily, everlasting keep an eye on is completed. Moreover, our chambers are prone to energy outages. Computerized depressurization and door opening happen all through an influence outage, expanding protection to a brand new degree.