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A sun battery is a must have system along the sun panels and the inverters. Those batteries are essential for any house depending on solar energy. Its paintings is tostore surplus electrical energy harnessed from the solar by means of the sun panels thus making sure energy provide even after the solar is long gone.

This text discusses the would have to is aware of ahead of making your subsequent transfer within the pursuit of a sun battery.

In recent times, folks have received awareness at the wish to harness unfastened herbal power. Amongst a number of strategies of unfastened energyharvesting is photovoltaic power harvesting. It’s not uncommon to seek out sun panels on rooftops since that is the dominant way of unfastened power harvesting. 

Alternatively, there’s a wish to make certain that this solar power harvested isn’t simply used on the time of harvest, but additionally for an extended periodafterward. As such, sun batteries come in useful for the duty. 

Underneath are some essential facets to imagine when purchasing a sun battery.

Energy Score

The facility (electrical energy) output (discharge) of the battery at a given time is a key factor to imagine. It’s expressed in kilowatts (1000watts). This issue is helping you already know the collection of home equipment that may run concurrently underneath its energy windfall. For the most productive suiting battery, at all times imagine your gross energy intake.

Battery Dimension

There are other battery sizes, all of which affect the efficiency of your sun battery. Battery measurement is expressed in kilowatts hour (kWh), which is the volume of saved energy the battery is able to discharging according to hour of use. This occurs when sun panels can’t generate sufficient energy for the home equipment, typically at night time or on cloudy days.

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In different phrases, this might be termed usable garage energy. Possibly, your selection of battery will have to be influenced by means of the ability intake of home equipment to be run by means of the battery. Dimension additionally determines how lengthy a battery supplies energy.

Battery Kind

Lead-acid batteries was quite common sun batteries. Alternatively, Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have develop into the favorite batteries for many of us. They last more with prime score efficiency than the lead-acid batteries. The sun battery costs in Kenya are closely influenced by means of the battery kind. 

The potency and prime efficiency of the Li-ion batteries give them an opportunity to be very dear as in comparison to the lead-acid accumulators therefore the most productive kind you need to make a selection.

From left; The lead-acid and the Li-ion sun batteries.

Roundtrip potency

That is the volume of energy you’ll be able to use from the battery compared to the volume it used to retailer it. As an example, a battery thatgets 8kWh from the sun panels, however in fact shops 6kWh of usable electrical energy, then, it makes use of 2kWh to retailer the 6kWh power and unencumber it. Due to this fact, the roundtrip potency of the battery is 75%.

To get the most productive provider battery, you’ll be able to opt for one with higher or equivalent to 80% roundtrip potency. 


Of all of the different components, lifespan stays within the listing of facets for all merchandise you favor to shop for. The lifespan of sun batteries is expressed with regards to years, Estimated cycles (quantity of instances the battery may also be charged and discharged), and estimated throughput (amount of electrical energy launched by means of the battery at a given time that relies on its beginning capability.

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A battery warrantied to function at more than or equivalent to 70% of its unique capability or over 10 years is a system price your cash.


The sun battery is a vital software that are supposed to be purchased with numerous care to steer clear of frustrations thereafter. This text accommodates maximum of what you want to make use of when purchasing a sun battery.