February 4, 2023



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Magicycle riders are rightfully proud in their trip, and feature made a very powerful funding in higher well being and delight in existence. Naturally, we would like to give protection to that funding. With just a bit effort at upkeep, your Magicycle  can remaining a life-time.

Listed below are a couple of fast tricks to stay you at the street worry-free!


Excellent traction is vitally necessary, so stay your tires in nice situation. Use a just right tire dressing comparable to Meguiar’s G15415 to  stay your tires black and give protection to from UV injury. Test for correct inflation frequently, and upload a tire sealant for puncture coverage, one thing very similar to FlatOut Sportsman’s Method. When the time ultimately comes to exchange your tires, make a selection handiest tires manufactured for ebike use.


Your Magicycle battery is likely one of the perfect on this planet, and manufactured by means of the similar corporate that makes Tesla batteries. Take just right care of it, and also you’ll have the benefit of an expanded existence expectancy. Attempt to stay it charged between 40% and 95%, fending off 100%. Get a timer in your electric outlet to make this more straightforward. When you unintentionally fee to 100%, trip for a few miles at throttle handiest, bringing down the fee. Although your indicator nonetheless displays 100%, that’s o.ok., as you’re going to have decreased the fee about 2 to three %, and that’s good enough. When you will have to retailer your battery for greater than per week, carry the fee to 60 or 70 %.

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Take care to steer clear of shedding your battery. You don’t wish to chance inner injury. When you do drop it, examine for overheating throughout use or when charging — substitute if essential.


   Simply as with every bicycle, blank and lubricate your chain on a standard time table. Wipe it off with a blank rag, after which observe your favourite chain lube. Then with the chain extra time to take away any extra lubricant. Whilst you’re at it, check out your chain for injury. Stay a series put on indicator device to your motorcycle device equipment, in order that you recognize when it’s time to get a brand new chain.

Body and Elements 

Your Magicycle has a whole lot of nuts, bolts, and screws, all serving a very powerful goal. Naturally, your using creates numerous vibration, much more so should you trip off-road. Make a selection an afternoon of the week when you’re going to frequently check out your trip from entrance to rear, tightening fasteners as wanted. It’s best to get a torque wrench and in moderation tighten to specifications — seek the advice of the Proprietor’s Handbook.


Your brakes are important to existence and limb, so take nice care of them! Even informal riders can discover ways to check out and care for the rotor and brake pads. Each time you get ready to trip, carry out a handy guide a rough visible inspection to search for easily-seen issues like heavy put on or free portions. Then each few weeks, take a more in-depth hands-on glance, in order that you’ll know when rotors or brake pads want changing. And simply to be very protected earlier than using, roll your ebike for a couple of toes and turn on every brake one after the other, making sure good enough preventing energy. As wanted, believe upgrading your brakes.

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Your hub motor calls for no consumer upkeep. Typically, when issues broaden, it’s going to want to get replaced. Thankfully, Magicycle makes use of handiest dependable brand-name parts, so you’ll be able to be expecting lengthy and dependable use of your motor.


Yearly take your Magicycle to an area motorcycle store for a check-up. Although a store focusing on ebikes isn’t to be had, just about any motorcycle store can examine tires, brakes, and chain, and so on.

Experience your Magicycle, and trip safely!

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